Young Engineer Program – Valve World Expo and Conference 2024


Participation in the Valve World Young Engineer Program on Wednesday 4 December 2024

As per regulations in Germany, 19% VAT must be applied to transactions involving EU and non-EU countries.

The Valve World Young Engineer Program held on Wednesday 4 December 2024, is designed to introduce valves, valve industries and related fields to young engineers and students. Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the valve industry, including its significance, market trends and technological advancements. This will help them understand the context and importance of their role within the industry.

Included in the program registration:

  • Participation in the Valve World Young Engineer Program
  • Participation in all conference sessions and workshops on 4 December
  • Unlimited access to all areas of the Valve World Expo on 4 December

Date and location:
Wednesday 4 December 2024
Valve World Conference Room at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

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